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  • About Violett Beauty Casa

    Violett Bella Casa was created for both women and men who wish to an enhance their life and their bodies to the best they can be. 


    About Us

    We offer the insights and special treatments, that help reveal your best radiant self.

    Violett Bella Casa is in Drummoyne, Inner West of Sydney, Australia. We create unique beauty experiences by providing tailored treatments, extensive consultations with advice and an understanding of what your skin and body require. With over 19 years of experience in the field, we are committed to delivering premium services using ground-breaking technology by specially trained beauty therapists to ensure a transformative beauty experience. Our services range from cosmetic tattooing and removals to providing facials using only the best of products partnered with Skeyndor through to body contouring, HIFU, Emscuplt, microneedling, hyaluronic meso injections and plasma fibroblasts. We will be delighted to give you insight on how our advice and these therapies can transform your life

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    About the Founder

    Kelly is trained internationally as an Esthetcian Skinicare professional with over 19 years of experience in the Beauty Industry. As a therapist, she has worked with the best luxury skincare brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Gernetic, Beauté Pacific and Dermalogica.

    Over the years, Kelly has developed an extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology by successfully transforming the human face and defying the ageing process on facial appearances. Her Clients love her special caring and unique way of helping them she credits her success to the dedication and greatly value the feedback and support she received from her clients.

    "I live a fast-paced professional life which demands the constant refining of my physical and emotional world. As Kelly treated me, I felt deeply honoured, respected and encouraged. The self-consciousness about my issues was gone instantly, and I started to see another aspect of my health and beauty regime. Kelly holds keen intellect, warm compassion, and a fierce protectiveness in exquisite balance. She possesses a brilliant, insightful, and intelligent mind, as I always felt cared for and heard by her. It feels wonderful to know that I have this energetic woman in my corner who is devoted to supporting not only me but the empowerment of women and men as a whole.

    Jennifer M

    Kelly Tran at Violett

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