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  • Skeyndor Skin Oxygen

    Contamination and lack of oxygen are two big problems which our skin faces every day. To protect the skin from environmental pollution and provide it with the oxygen it needs, SKEYNDOR presents POWER OXYGEN.

    A new ally for suffocated or stressed skin living in urban city surroundings. Its carefully studied formulation allows perfect oxygenation of the skin and protection from ageing in urban settings.

    Benefits Include

    • Protection from pollution: Traps PM 2.5 particles
    • Intensive oxygenation: Provides the skin with oxygen
    • Detoxifying effect
    • Antioxidant effect
    • Prebiotic action
    • More uniform skin
    • Reduction and prevention of wrinkles
    • Stimulation of collagen production
    • Reduction of pore size
    • Healthy appearance
    • Brightness
    • Toning and vitality







    Skeyndor Skin Oxygen