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  • Timeless Prodigy

    Discover the most exclusive technological jewel for your skin. The fusion of science and luxury in a unique sensory experience.

    The global ultra anti-ageing treatment to decisively fight the signs of ageing skins.

    Suitable for all skin types and formulated with 25 highly concentrated active ingredients, scientifically selected to combat the signs of ageing of the skin.

    Timeless Prodigy combines three aesthetic rejuvenation processes:

    • Cell Genesis Activators – substances that increase the number of cells, such as damask rose stem cells from France
    • Cell Quality Perfectors – substances such as white truffle extract from Italy’s Piedmont region that protect and restore cell quality and delay their entry into the senescence
    • Cell Functionality Enhancers – substances that enhance the activity of cells, such as kombucha tea




    Benefits Include

    • Developed with the latest multigenic technology, capable of turning back the clock in your skin.
    • A new dimension cosmetics which stimulates youthful genetic expression, slows down cellular ageing and helps them recover their youthful state.
    • 5 growth factors which act to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Redensify the skin and stimulate the formation of new cells. Soften the appearance of wrinkles.
    • 50 million Damask Rose Stem Cells which renew and rejuvenate the epidermis. Strengthen the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Bring brightness and firmness to the skin.
    • White truffle: “The white diamond” which brings brightness and firmness to the skin. With antioxidant effect. Improves skin hydration and nourishment.
    • Both the Timeless Prodigy Cream and the Timeless Prodigy Serum contain a romantic and delicate fragrance carefully composed for a beautiful and sophisticated woman such as yourself.


    Skeyndor Timeless Prodigy